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Roxa-fund.info is one of the world’s largest diversified and fastest-growing energy leaders. We have a clear vision for the future with the experience and assets necessary to provide oil and gas on a regional and global scale. By leveraging expertise, Roxa-fund.info has built a unique understanding of the challenges the oil mining industry faces.

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About Roxa-fund.info Information about our company
Rapidly growing company with a huge potential to expand.

Roxa-fund.info is an independent oil and gas company with an impressive track record of growth based on exploration success. Our company assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates and petrochemicals. Our company is registered in United kingdom. It is a trustworthy & profitable investment platform providing you rich returns to boost your financial status.

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    16 Octorber 2019
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  • Deposit Security

    Our site is secure within a dedicated & anti-DDOS server so that your deposits are safe with us & we are available to our valuable customers.

  • Professional Team

    Our company is managed by a team who have extensive experience in the field of oil mining, supply & trading to generate maximum profits.

  • 24/7 Hour Support

    If you have questions, contact our customer service. You can contact us no matter when to get any information you want about Roxa-fund.info.

  • Registered Company

    We welcome all investors to the official website of Roxa-fund.info Limited ! Roxa-fund.info Limited is a UK registered company & its company number is 11976319.

Roxa-fund.info offers you stable and long-term cooperation.

We have put great efforts to provide our clients with a comprehensible profit making investment platform, and we would take extra steps to make sure everyone gets top quality service.

Affiliation Offers Reasons to trust Roxa-fund.info
15% Representative
Level 1
5% Representative
Level 2
2% Representative
Level 3
8% Affiliate
Level 1
2% Affiliate
Level 2
1% Affiliate
Level 3
Representative Program We have three standard representative levels

To be a representative of Roxa-fund.info Limited, an amount of $2000 deposit is required for applying as a representative and minimum active referral of 5 is required. The status "Representative" allows you to actively earn 15% of the deposit amount of your partner structure at first level, 5% at second level & 2% at third level.

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Standard Referral Program We have three standard referral levels

When you refer your family, friends and other community members to Roxa-fund.info Limited, you are entitled to 8% on every deposit made by your downline. You do not need to have an active deposit before you can earn from our investment program. For second level , you will receive 2% affiliate commission and for third level you will get 1% affiliate commission. You can reinvest your commission or withdraw at any time.

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